Masaż i odnowa biologiczna.             Zdrowe ciało i dusza.
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      Ergoterapeuta, Akupreser, Masażysta Tomasz Michał Owczarek
Darmowy licznik odwiedzin
What distinguishes our product from others?



Because sole is specially contoured, with no frills,
anatomically, as it should be.
Because projections, spikes stimulating receptors are the correct height,
size and which are arranged in the most appropriate locations,
coincidence or the entire surface.
Warranty is knowledge, years of practice acupressure and the patent world.
As a masseur and akupreser, if possible, check the shoes of a similar nature, 
and sometimes differ slightly, but do not meetexpected results. 
Foot acupressure method is known for centuries, in our industrialized world, 
contact with the naturalsubstrate is a difficult, sometimes it is luxury that not everyonecan afford. 
Sandals is the only alternative, to move all the forcesdormant in your body, 
give him achance at rebirth.
Acupressureis oppression and forgiveness, you do not have to walk in sandals, 
without interruption, on the contrary, stop treatment andrepeat at intervals. 
If you have very sensitive feet, enough thatthey'll be sitting in front of the TV, 
without burdening the foot full body weight.
I guarantee you look at the interest after 5 minutes, receptors are clearly visible.
Price is 39,99 EU or 49,99 $
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COLOURS to choose from:
Bottoms - black, brown, honey, sometimes small numbers red and white.

Already after 15 minutes of walking the body is most healthy!
Treat and prevent flat feet.
Straighten the hallux (toe valgus) during walking and other fingers.
Improve the functioning of the thyroid, kidney, metabolism.
Feet spurs treat and prevent heel.

Their magnificent triple-shape profiling, with an inlay of various sizes receptors 
make sandals are unique. Effective for both adults and children.
Help you lose weight and varicose veins, liver ailments, stomach, overworks, 
not keeping the urine.The most effective health sandals in the world!
Relaxation step by step. Walking in them, removes fatigue, reduces pain, 
improves psychophysical condition.Implementation of solid aesthetic, 
leather trimmed with a special felt, and the underside of the plastic rubber nietopliwego.
Helpful in the treatment of atherosclerosis, obesity, diabetes.
Treat and prevent such Adrenals, kidneys, liver, thyroid, eyes, lungs, 
feet and fall flat feet,heel spurs, straighten halluxy.
Recommended for weight loss and varicose veins!
The feet become lighter and warm, improve the circulation-metabolism-precision 
oppressing receptors, their three-dimensional profiling, causing the body's detoxification
Note! On the fakes! We comply with before buying, for the sake of your health.
Warning against buying them. 
Imported from China or made cheaper at the expense of no sweating, 
intertriginous feet, rubberised materials. 
Forger wanting to be "different and impunity" to our global patent, 
amend the receptors (the whole is confusingly similar).
And yet, orthopedic anatomy and can not be changed. 
So do not guarantee a therapeutic effect.
Do not be fooled about 10 $ or 20$.
A lot of companies impersonating Mr. Lewandowicz, unfortunately, 
their products are poorly made, without an elementary knowledge of acupressure, 
is unlikely to heal, and may even harm.
"FEET 2007" since 2002 have been awarded at many symposia, exhibitions, competitions 
diplomas to access the archive and Polish / European Association for Healthy Feet.
Have won the "Golden Bison" in Bialystok, recognized in every trade show.
In 2005 he was recognized as a product of orthopedic No. 1 
on the scientific symposium at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, 
for diabetics, and the fight against obesity, under which, among others, 
have signed Prof. Assoc. Judma Wawer, Professor. Assoc. Stanislaw Gogolewski, 
Dr. George Jamboree, lek. Med. Janusz Andrykiewicz, Eng. Romuald Stanislavsky.
The many years ago, Dr. Jadwiga Górnicka-largest propagator of natural medicine 
and dozens of athletic trainers, therapists and orthopedic surgeons 
found himself wearing them,found that improving circulation- improve physical fitness.
85% of the diseases / disorders begins with the feet, or at their ends.
"2007 feet" are important to maintaining health, prevention,
and in the process of treatment in children and adults. 
It's the perfect combination of acupressure with orthopedics. 
Triple-shaped, every inch of them has its meaning 
(the receptors are different sizes and heights), 
and stable, slightly elevated bowl prevents heel pain with heel spurs.
In 1996, the manufacturer wants to buy your company Lewandowicz ADIDAS! 
Not sold as "peanuts". Honor the patent.
Today, "wrestling" in the market enables counterfeiters to everything. 
Therefore, in the interests of the health of our customers from purchasing counterfeit observe, that do not fully reflect the shape, size, height of receptors by introducing state of confusion.
How to measure the foot properly?
Price is 39,99 EU or 49,99 $
How to pay and ship, clik link
or send me e-mail, down here
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