Masaż i odnowa biologiczna.             Zdrowe ciało i dusza.
Jeśli zainteresowały Cię produkty medycyny naturalnej, 
to zamów darmowy katalog, 
napisz na  podaj adres do wysyłki i numer telefonu, 
a wyślemy bezpłatnie do domu.
ergoterapeuta, akupreser, masażysta Tomasz Michał Owczarek  
Price: 9,89 $ or 9,79 EU
Foot file care roughing keratinized epidermis dry and wet.
It is great for removing horny skin, corns and imprints.
Professional product, it really works, the money once and behappy. 

This is not a piece of sandpaper stuck on the plywood! 

Recognized, reputable cosmetic companies 
are flooding the market Asian-brac, trash, shoddy, 
rubbish from weak materials. 
At prices close to the best of brand products. 
This is European, from Poland, made by hand product.
For professionals, invaluable assistance, without any unnecessary effort, will quickly come to grips with hard heels, even men:)
For home use, and finally working file.
The end of the razor blades 
and other inventions.
To remove keratinized epidermis of the skin and inequality rates.
Wood makes the product is durable and resistant. 
The frictionmaterial are
natural and noble, used in jewelery.
This is the hardest mineral CORUNDUM, after diamond, 
which has exceptional abrasive and it is perfectly 
tolerated by the skin without risk of injury.
He has two gradations: one with coarse grains, 
will help to removethe largest skin calluses 
and thickening of the skin, the second of the finer mineral, 
less roughness, after which the feet become smooth.
In addition to the eco-product is water-resistant components. 

Very precious stone has long been used for decorating rings, brooches, pendants and other ornaments. Its high stiffness means that it is used as an abrasive and as bearing stones in clocks. Transparent varieties of corundum are valuable precious stones, has long been used for ornamental purposes.Finely crystalline, dense, granular varieties of corundum are used for industrial purposes as an abrasive (emery) and polishing.
Price: 9,89 $ or 9,79 EU
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